How To Win And Be Stress Free : OFFICE EFFICIENCY 75 Practical Tips (Kindle Edition)

How To Win And Be Stress Free : OFFICE EFFICIENCY 75 Practical Tips (Kindle Edition)

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The Why, The When and The How To Become Successful in the Corporate World

Do you ever feel challenged to become more efficient in the office and/or during your year-end Personal Development Plan (PDP)? Maybe there are days when you experience extreme productivity and other days when you do not?

Do you sometimes feel that you are lacking some knowledge to support your performance? What about your daily motivation? Your mental health? Your relationship in the office? Are they a challenge due to a lack of performance in an increasingly competitive job market where only the best are given the chance to thrive? Is this pushing you to quit your job and look for success elsewhere?

Did you ever gain any practical professional education and knowledge at school in order to be prepared for your future professional life? The answer from millions of professionals is simply ‘NO’.

Thanks to the book How To Win And Be Stress Free, you will notice, and be noticed for, far greater performance in your role in no time through simple and organised instructions, actions and habits known and used by high performance professionals. You will be able to race and even outrank them from the start by gaining a competitive advantage.

This unique and easy to implement book will save you time and effort. It will show you from day one how to perform well in your job, through 75 tips on:

  • How to fastrack your career progression

  • How to be recognised for your competences in order to reach a better salary and a possible promotion

  • How to address the feeling of being overwhelmed by the volume of work

  • How to overcome stress, anxiety and mental illness

  • How to develop your emotional intelligence

  • How to improve your relationships in the office by taking the right actions

If you want all or some of those opportunities then How To Win And Be Stress Free is the MUST READ and MUST SHARE book.

How To Win And Be Stress Free : OFFICE EFFICIENCY 75 Practical Tips book sold on Amazon and is an indispensable recipe guide for the Young Professional starting their career in an office and to the Established Professionals seeking some self-help, or stress relief as a refresher.

M.R. Aline's ambition is to help millions of 9-5 Professionals achieve their career goals quickly so that non-efficiency at work and unnecessary anxiety can be stopped in the corporate world.

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