1-1 Consultation Follow Up Service

1-1 Consultation Follow Up Service


How can Officetipshealer customised 1-1 consultation help you?

Officetipshealer provides some real experts with over 15 years’ experience and knowledge in the corporate world. 

This 1-1 Consultation Follow Up is available for existing customers. If you are new to Officetipshealer and if you need some support, we recommend that you select our Customised 1-1 Consultation Service which includes a full assessment of your profile in order to provide you the best support.

Once a full assessment has been made our dedicated expert will work with you to form a career plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Our expert will:

·        Help you identify and avoid unnecessary decisions which might slow down your career path.

·        Provide you with an objective feedback of your CV in order to improve it giving you the best chance to access your dream job, and the best tips to start or progress faster your career.

·        Guide/mentor you to take the right decisions at the right time

·        Provide you with some recommendations to deal effectively with any challenges in the work environment

·        Assist you in the event that you wish to start a business on your own providing a step by step guide. Note this service is offered to support start-up business in the United Kingdom primarily  

·        Provide you a tailored plan of action so that you know exactly what you need to do next.

Charges for the initial consultation is £50 per hour. Follow-up consultations are £40.

This Follow Up Consultation Service is ideal to monitor your career progression based on the customised plan of actions which will be provided to you by our expert. During that time you will also have an opportunity to discuss any points which you need some assistance with in order to support your career and your needs.

Follow Up Appointments

It is advisable that you come for at least one follow up consultation to review your progress. Often people like to continue with consultations for as long as they see necessary. There is a lot to learn about when it comes to your career path in order to assist you on a regular basis and follow-ups are a great time to get more tips as you develop your knowledge, your skills or to deal with any professional challenges you face. e.g. – how to decide which job to apply for if you are at the beginning of your career, how to fast track your career to increase both your level of responsibility and salary and ways to manage any other challenges and stress issues.


To book an initial consultation please click HERE. You will have a choice to attend your appointment either by phone, through skype or face to face depending on where you live.   


Note due to a high demand we are experiencing we recommend that you email us first before paying any consultation services in order to make sure a career expert can be available to support you within the timeframe you need.

We will always do our best to suit your schedule and we pride ourselves by providing some comprehensive and outstanding services recognised by many young professionals. 

Simply email us on info@officetipshealer.com.

Wishing you ahead a fantastic career.  

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