I have been exceeding my working hours for the last 2 weeks. I am so tired. I feel like crying...

I have been exceeding my working hoursfor the last 2 weeks. I am so tired and all I get in return from my boss is a complain for arriving late in the office. This is so unfair! I feel like crying...

Have you experienced this kind of situation before? Or are you aware of a family member or a friend currently suffering emotionally from the pressure in the work environment for a simiar situation?

Here are a few tips to help if you were to face a similar scenario:

1. Rather than keeping silent do expose to your line manager the reason why you were late. There is no harm in speaking up and it will avoid him/her making some wrong assumptions without having all the facts.

2. Ask yourself if maybe you are not the one pushing too much your own boundaries especially if your boss never asked you directly or indirectly to stay so long in the office. Maybe it was your decision to stretch your working hours due to your workload without discussing it with your boss? If that is the case you should reconsider the management of your priorities to ensure you maintain a good work life balance.  

3. If your line manager is asking you on a regular basis to stretch your working hours and he is even complaining of your late arrivals in the office although you have tried to reach a common understanding with him then you might want to liaise with your HR department to find a suitable solution which might benefit both parties. 

4. If you are still struggling to obtain some internal support from anyone then you might want to seek for some legal advices. Should you consider that step then do ensure ahead of approaching some legal experts that you have kept a record (date and time) of all theadditional hours completed daily and any verbal/written communications between you,  your line manager and any other internal parties. This would support your case with facts, data and witnesses.  

To the line managers... If you are frustrated of the constant delay of your direct reports, before to jump into any conclusions start by asking yourself 'why this employee is late to get to work every day? Could this be linked to any personal issues or any health problems? Showing some cold attitude, some assertivity or raising your voice will not generate a positive outcome and it will certainely not demonstrate your leadership skills. 


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