It is imperative that you know what is happening and anticipate any major changes within your organization, its structure, its financial performance, its release of new products or services on a regular basis.



There is nothing more embarrassing than being in an office and having one of your peers or your line manager asking you about your thoughts on a critical subject that everybody should be aware of and realizing that you do not know anything about it. 


If the subject matter is complex and you do not understand it or you are not sure about its potential consequences, do not hesitate to speak to a colleague or your line manager in order to obtain some further information.


Be aware that when considering the internal promotion of candidates, the management team will always seek out individuals who have a genuine interest in the organization and who are aware of the latest news, so if a promotion is what you are looking for, you might want to gather as much information as possible. 


Be aware of the financial stability of your company, especially when the revenue goes down significantly. This could help you anticipating a potential redundancy and encourage you to start updating your CV in order to seek external opportunities if your intention is to leave the company.  


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