My boss assigns me less projects because he thinks I am not capable enough. Should I leave?

I'm working for a big company which is very reputed and was hired by a person who left the company only after 2 months of joining.Now my new boss doesn’t assign me much wrk because he doesn't think I'm capable enough.I waste my time sitting idle,what should I do whether to leave the job?


Aline's response: 


‘…because he doesn't think I'm capable enough… My recommendations….Watch out for the DARK NEGATIVE ASSUMPTIONS in your head!! 

Many mistakes in an office are made because of our assumptions and us becoming paranoid. You cannot know for certain this is what your boss thinks unless he clearly mentioned it to you openly.


1.He does not know you yet. Change this and create a bridge/relationship with him


2. He is ‘a boss’ and therefore he might have multiple things to think about and many pressure from above beyond you being in his team especially when a member of staff is gone with all the expertise. He might not ignore you purposely and maybe he is looking for the best way to approach you directly and find a way to get you to be more productive. Having said this I do think he should have done so from the very beginning when you joined the company.


3. Learn through others (if you can) how he likes to work with his direct reports in general or ask him directly the question. If he is the kind of ‘control freak’ personality who struggles to trust people around then it will take a lot of time before you can be given some interesting projects. The decision will then be yours to decide id you can work with someone like this or if you would be more comfortable to work in a company where you are given the full autonomy to take some actions and handle various projects.


Before jumping into any types of conclusions without facts and data I would recommend you to be proactive by requesting a meeting with him and letting him understand that ‘YOU WOULD LOVE TO HELP HIM’. Remember that changes start with us and our mindset. :)

Bosses love to be supported and having direct reports who would do anything to remove the ‘needles from their toes’. This is usually how you become indispensable and perhaps get promoted in the future.

Bottom line…Don’t wait in your corner until eventually something happens. If you want some changes in the situation you are in, you need to take some actions…regarless of your choice to stay or leave…AND…STAY POSITIVE! The more positive energies you drive around you the more positive results you will get. ;)

Here is a little song for you. :)

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