Why you should join us?

OfficeTipsHealer loves to care about young professionals starting their professional career, encouraging them to be more efficient and stress free in the corporate world

Very often they start their journey in corporate organisations without knowing how to be efficient. This is because most of the time the educational system does not raise awareness of the differences and expectations between life as a student and as a professional.

Many organisations provide induction programmes for new starters at an early stage of their employment and during their probation period. However, a lot of training is usually provided later and at a different stage of employment which can sometimes be as long as 6 months after starting in the organisation.

This means that during those 6 months the employees have to learn by themselves how to be efficient and avoid stress. Unfortunately, they are likely to stumble on various issues such as organisational skills and relationship management which not only impacts their own career progression but also the organisation itself by not being 100% productive.

For many established professionals, the basic learnings of how to be efficient in an office were discovered during their career over many years of mistakes and those learnings are then considered as basic in their day-to-day jobs. This is not the case for the young professionals who discover them as they start their career journey.  

What if we could help the young professionals avoid those mistakes from the start? Would it not be amazing knowing that it would allow your own organisation to perform better and be successful by having some truly happy, healthy and skilled employees and by maximising your talent, increasing your retention rate and reducing absenteeism in the workplace?

Providing your employees with the right tips to succeed from the start would also increase your company profile rating in the market as being considered as one of the top employers.

Don't leave your interns, your postgraduates and your young employees suffering from inefficiency affecting their confidence and mental health.

Join us to make a difference and find out how we can help you empower your employer brand through Officetipshealer’s tips.

Our workshops

Are you a Human Resources Department dealing daily with employees (i.e. direct report and Line Managers) issues? 
Are you actively sponsoring universities to recruit the best talent and future leaders for your organisation?

At OfficeTipsHealer we pride ourselves in providing simple but effective workshops which will make a massive positive impact on the young professional and in your organisation.

Each workshop we deliver is tailored according to your needs and the top issues faced by your organisation.

We are an effective ‘painkiller’ for any professional and their organisation with strong knowledge and expertise in work efficiency and stress subject matter.

We also ensure every workshop we develop is:

  • Relevant to the right audience

  • Impactful through powerful role playing to increase emotional awareness

  • Engaging for greater participation

  • Fun

  • Interactive to encourage responsiveness

Contact us to find out more. You don’t have to deal with it on your own!

We can help you empower your employees and organisation.